SAF-America and American Dream Development

SAF-America and American Dream Development

SAF-America and American Dream Development

SAF-America and American Dream Development is Featured Extreme Makeover: Home Edition Builder

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Our Company - SAF-America and American Dream Development


Bringing Economies of Scale to Scaled Economies
SAF-America and American Dream Development (ADD) brings economies of scale to smaller market development, as well. Our focus on continual process improvement, our significant shortening of the learning curve and our relationships with leading national suppliers and vendors, can effectively drive down costs, delivering superior a product at the most competitive pricing. Our expertise is most dramatically demonstrated in the rural markets where we operate; this is predominantly due to the existing market participant's limited use of systems and processes.

SAF-America/ADD - Fitting the Investor's Needs
SAF-America/ADD is structured to be flexible and adaptable in our approach to providing housing for military families. We realize the type of housing demand can vary from project to project based on many different variables. These variables include market size, affordability, customer socio-graphics and niche opportunities. Our experience puts us at the forefront of finding the right combination of housing options to fit the set of variables at any given site.

SAF-America/ADD can use many approaches to address the Investor's needs.

  • - Consultancy on Development Principles and Planning
  • - Due Diligence on Existing and Future Real Estate Investment Opportunities
  • - Project Management and Build Out with a Proven Business Model

We help you create sustainable communities!

SAF-America/ADD is an innovative design/developer/builder promoting the creation of sustainable, planned communities that support a wholesome and active lifestyle to areas and projects where it currently doesn't exist or is under-developed. We understand communities. We develop and build in them every day and we've created an approach that works in multiple and differing markets, as in that they are all unique.

SAF-America/ADD can help you make the right choice in a the real estate market and bring economies of scale to small-scale economies through our national contracts. We work with builders, developers and investors to create sustainable communities at a reasonable cost in multiple markets across America.

We currently are helping our clients in 16 markets nation wide with over $500M in assets

SAF-America /ADD homes and communities have been recognized as far superior to most of our private sector counterparts. They are also highly desirable by all income bands. We believe that quality of life is a paramount and that there is a difference between a house and home, no matter the tenure.


SAF-America and American Dream Development